We know where the highest zip lines reside. But with so many different kinds of zip lines and topographies around the world, there seems to be no true “standard” for zipline heights. Often how far off the ground zipline wires are elevated depends on the surrounding environment. While a beginner setup could start as low as 30 feet off the ground, zip lines in different parts of the world can soar to over 1,900 feet.



In Colorado some of the “highest” zip lines are only 250 feet off the ground, but it’s all a matter of perception. In high-altitude locations, mountainous terrain can certainly make it feel like you are soaring at a bird’s-eye view. One wildly high zip line in the French Alps, for example, transports skiers and snowboarders at over 10,500 between two resorts. The sky-high ride has been associated with the “journey of an eagle in flight.”



As far as records for the highest zip line adventures, in 2012 ZipFlyer Nepal was credited as the world’s tallest zip line. Today HighGround Adventures, the operator of the record-setting zip line, lists it as “tallest, the longest and the steepest zip line in the whole world” with a 56-degree incline, over 1,960 feet of vertical drop and nearly 6,000 feet in length.