Arctic Cat is one of the most recognizable snowmobiles in the world. And for good reason. The performance brand is known for its continuous improvement and truly cutting-edge innovation on every part of the sled.

Each year Arctic Cat engineers are constantly looking at how they can better balance a snowmobile’s power, weight and dexterity. The company’s toughest challenge is continuing to reduce the weight of the machine without sacrificing durability.



The key areas a snowmobile’s mechanics are the engine, suspension and drive system. Arctic Cat is always asking: How can we make the sled’s skis turn quicker? What caster angle is ideal for big-mountain riding? What changes can we make to the clutch to make it more responsive? What is the perfect power-to-weight ratio?

In the newest models, the skis are made with more of an angle, allowing them to “follow” the terrain and essentially “roll of the hill.” Advancements were also employed on the rear suspension to improve ride control. To get there, the brand tests its snowmobiles on some of the toughest terrain in the country. Each year consumers reap the benefits of this extra effort to make the greatest mass-produced snowmobile machines on the planet.