Oh, captain, my captain!

The first known large-scale Colorado zipline tour started in 2005. Monty Holmes opened the original Captain Zipline’s Lost Canyon Zipline Tour near Salida, Colorado. The zipline was thought to be the third to open in the entire country, making the state one of the first to take zip lining to new heights.

Transporting food to fun

Before zip lines came to Colorado for pure adrenaline adventure, they were used for more serious endeavors around the world. In the Alps, they transported supplies; the Australian army used zip lines to deliver food, mail and ammo during war; and wildlife biologists used zip lines to study some of the world’s most dense forests.

Soaring to historic heights

When it opened in 2012, the Soaring Eagle Zip Line at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park was deemed the highest zip line in the world. The 700-foot-tall zip line, which ran parallel to the Royal Gorge, below the Aerial Tram to a ridge north of the Visitors’ Center, was perched at 1,100 feet above the canyon floor. There are now a variety of sky-scraping ways to see the Gorge.