At an elevation of 9,600 feet and with a population of less than 5,000 people, the Summit County town of Breckenridge, Colorado, was first founded to serve miners hoping to strike it big during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. The nearby Blue River was ripe with placer gold deposits.

A lot has changed since then, and what was once a rugged Wild West hamlet is now an internationally sought-after travel destination year-round for outdoor enthusiasts of almost every kind. Located conveniently aside Interstate 70 and less than a two hours’ drive from Denver, one of Breckenridge’s top winter attractions is snowmobiling.

Making it possible to find steep inclines and access remote terrain in a short amount of time, Breckenridge is the ideal destination for thrillseekers and backcountry junkies.

With countless trails and routes for riders of all skill levels, Breckenridge features unforgettable, more-than-mile-high excitement, whether you’re traversing high-alpine snow bowls or riding all the way up to the Continental Divide.

With a selection of groomed trails, powder fields and more, there are 55,000 acres of wilderness to explore in the White River National Forest and nearby Vail Pass Recreation Area.

Snowmobile rentals, guides and more

Of course, you will need your trusted partner in this journey—a snowmobile! There are plenty of rental options to choose from in Breckenridge, many who also offer guided tours.

For newcomers to snowmobiling, or even seasoned Ski-Doo veterans who want to learn more about the region and trails, guided tours are available from several independent companies.

Hiring a snow sled expert is always good peace of mind in Breckenridge’s rugged backcountry. Not can a guide show you how to drive a snowmobile, but this trained pro will be knowledgeable about the local geography, as well as how to handle emergency situations such as an avalanche—and also how best to avoid such a danger in the first place.

With great guides, easy access and breathtaking views, Breckenridge is an ideal place to start your next snowmobile adventure.