How you position yourself to ride a snowmobile makes a big difference in the experience you’ll have on the trail. Several things come into play when choosing the right setup:

  • Is this your first time driving a sled?
  • Are you riding on difficult terrain or deep snow?
  • For how long are you planning to snowmobile?
  • Do you have any injuries that might affect riding style?

Once you answer these questions, try one of these four positions on for size:

Seated: There’s reason seated is the most common riding position: It’s the most comfortable. This accommodating angle also makes the most sense for any passengers riding with you. Just straddle the seat and sit down; place both feet in the foot wells (in front of the running boards); and bend the knees, grip the handlebars and lean forward slightly.

Kneeling: If you want more control over how you shift your body weight, try kneeling on the sled. In the kneeling position, you can lean farther forward and better handle the snowmobile as you hit steeper terrain. Bend and rest one knee on the seat while you plant your other foot firmly on the running board. Lean forward slightly.

Standing: When you need greater visibility, for example to avoid obstacles when climbing hills or when approaching a crossing, try the standing position. While straddling the seat, shift your feet onto the running boards, stand up and lean forward a bit.

Posting: If you’re expecting rough terrain, you can use your body to absorb shocks and avert injury better in the posting position. With both feet on the running boards, squat and lean forward, keeping your rear-end hovering above the seat.